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***Updated Spring 2012***

Returning Blackboard Language To Default

Oh no! I changed my language without realizing, how can I change it back?!?

1.) If you are uncertain of your location in Blackboard, click on the "My Bb" tab to return to your homepage. Most tabs will remain in English.

2.) Click on the link directly to the right of your name at the top of the page.

3.) In the pop-up window, click the second link underneath the avatar (person's silhouette).

4.) A new page will open. Select the third link down.

5.) In the second section of the new page, click the drop-down menu. Select "Default me now!".

6.) Be sure to click the blue button to the right to save changes. Refresh your page (by F5 or your browser) to ensure all changes have been made.


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