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***Updated for Spring 2012***
Building a Personal Portfolio in Blackboard
About the Personal Portfolio:
Portfolios collect and organize pieces of work completed over time. They are compilations of work with a general purpose or goal to showcase progress and achievement. Users are given tools to present their information in a cohesive, personalized format, and have control over style and appearance. Building a Personal Portfolio in Blackboard is a multi-step process.

Content is added to a personal portfolio by using Artifacts. Artifacts can be created before or during the portfolio creation process. If you have a good outline of what you want to accomplish, create Artifacts before moving on to create the portfolio.

Once all the Artifacts are ready, you will create a shell for the portfolio.  After the shell is created, build out the portfolio and add pages and content.

Click the links below to learn more about each step of the Personal Portfolio process:


Create a New Personal Portfolio

Add Artifacts to Blackboard

Add Artifacts to your Portfolio

Share Portfolio with an Instructor

Save Portfolio as a .zip File



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