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***Updated for Fall 2011***

Rearranging and Moving Content

Instructors can easily rearrange the order of most content created/added to a Blackboard course.

To rearrange content:

1.) With Edit Mode ON, click and hold the double-arrow next to the item's name. Any item that features this arrow can be moved.

2.) While holding the arrow, slide the content to the order of your liking.


To move content to a different area of the course:

1.) With Edit Mode ON, click the double-down arrow to the right of the content's name.

2.) In the drop-down menu that appears, select Move. (Note, not all content can be moved. If this option is not in the list, you cannot move it.)

3.) A Move page will open, prompting you to select a Destination Folder. Click Browse to find the area of the Course you wish to move the content to.

4.) A new pop-up window will appear, featuring an expandable menu of your Blackboard course. Select the Folder for your content.

5.) You will be returned to the Move page, with the Destination Folder information supplied.

6.) Click Submit to move the content.

NOTE: This moves the content entirely, it does not make a copy.



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