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Respondus StudyMate Server Set-Up Instructions
To publish interactive content into a Blackboard course, you will need to manually set up the Server settings within Respondus StudyMate.
1. Once you have installed Respondus StudyMate on your Windows machine, open the application.
Before you begin, go to 'Help' and select 'Check for Update' to make sure there are no needed updates.
2. Once you have created content, select the 'Preview & Publish' tab to start the Server Set-up process
3. All of the different types of activities that can be created using StudyMate are already checked; select Next to continue on to the next step in the StudyMate Publish Wizard.
4. Check the radio button for 'Publish to Learning management System.' 
5. Select 'Blackboard 7x - 9x' as your learning system.
6. For upload type, keep the radio button for 'Standard Upload' checked and in the drop down menu for ' accoung' select ' - Create a new account or register an existing one - '
7. For the 'Create New Account or Register Existing One' pop-up window, keep the radio button for 'Create a new account' checked (unless you already have one) and check the box for 'I have read and agree to the Terms of Service' (make sure to read the Terms of Service). Select 'OK' to continue.
8. Input your preferred contact email address and create a password. Select 'OK' to continue.
9. Once you have your account set up, select 'Next' to continue.
10. Click on the drop-down menu for 'Choose Server' and select ' - add new server - '
11. Check the radio button for 'No, I want to enter the server settings manually.' 
12. There are some quick steps you must take to continue:
     A. Input the Blackboard Learn URL for the University of Kentucky
     B. Input the URL that you get when you log into Blackboard Learn for the University of Kentucky and enter a course in which you are a Primary Instructor
     C. Press the 'Extract' button
12A1. Navigate to the Blackboard Learn site for the University of Kentucky and copy the URL
12A2. Paste the copied URL into the first field
12B1. Log into Blackboard Learn for the University of Kentucky using your link blue login ID and password
12B2. Select a Course in which you are the Primary Instructor
12B3. Copy the URL that you get once you enter a course in which you are a Primary Instructor

12B4. Paste the copied URL into the second field and

12C. Press the 'Extract' button


Once the information has populated for the Server name, etc., you can 

12D. Input a description (such as My Blackboard or UK Blackboard)

12E.1. Input your link blue login ID

12E.2. Input your link blue password

12F. Check the box to remember login information (if you wish)

12G. Select OK to finish the server set-up process.
13. Once this information is saved, select 'Next' to continue.
14. You will now be able to choose a course from a list of courses in which you are an Instructor.
15. Once you have chosen a course, you can select a Content Area and/or Folder into which you wish to publish the content you have created!

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