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Tips for Taking Blackboard Tests

UKIT's Learning Systems Support team recommends the following guidelines to help you get through your Blackboard (Bb) test. Taking these steps should minimize the most common problems encountered while taking the test and reduce the chance of receiving a message saying,

Why do students get kicked out of a test?

Loss of connectivity is the primary cause

Connecting to the University of Kentucky Blackboard system involves many different levels of connectivity. Before taking any test you should follow the guidelines in the Before the Test section of this handout.

Back button or double-clicking

Using the back button to try to get to a previous page or double-clicking on links is the next likely cause for loosing connectivity to Blackboard.

Before the test

  • Do not wait until the last minute to take the test. If something goes wrong, there won't be enough time to resolve the issue. Try to leave yourself enough time to complete the entire test before the testing window closes in case you need to re-enter the test.
  • Check your browser compatibility.
  • Power down and restart your computer if you have not done so within the last couple of hours. This will free memory resources from applications that may be running in the background.
  • Close ALL applications except Blackboard, including IM and email. To make sure they are closed, not minimized, right click on the application icon in the Taskbar and then click Exit or Sign Out (Windows) or right click on the application icon in the Dock and then click Quit (Macintosh).
  • Make sure pop-up blockers are disabled in your browser.
  • Log out and log back into Blackboard just before taking the test if you were already in Blackboard and have been in any other courses since it was opened. (If you are using Windows, this requires that you close down your browser and start it again.)
  • Maximize the browser window before starting the test. Do not resize (minimize) the browser window during the test.

During the test

  • Do not have multiple browser windows or tabs open when taking the exam.
  • Do not browse away from the exam once you have opened it.
  • Unless it is necessary for test taking, close all other applications when taking the exam.
  • Save the test periodically.
    • Always click the Save Answer button before clicking on the arrow to proceed to the next question.
    • If backtracking is allowed and you do not wish to answer the question, you will get a message that says the question has not been answered. Click on the arrow to proceed to the next question.  You will be able to navigate back to the unanswered questions to answer them.
    • If backtracking is not allowed and you do not wish to answer the question, you will not be able to navigate back to the unanswered questions.

  • Do NOT allow the computer to go into screensaver, sleep, or standby mode when taking the exam. If possible, disable these features while taking the exam.
  • If not possible, know the "time out" period for your computer and move the mouse or use the keyboard frequently to avoid exceeding that time limit.
  • Do NOT double-click the links in the exam. This will lock the exam and you will receive a message that says you have completed the exam or submission is in process. If this occurs, the instructor may need to reset your attempt.
  • If at any time you get a pop-up Security Warning about the hidden_webeq_applet, you should select the "Always trust content from this publisher" checkbox and click Run.  If you cancel this you run the risk of the test locking up or kicking you out.
  • Never click the Back button on the browser. This will take you out of the test and prevent Blackboard the ability to track selected answers.
  • Avoid using the scroll button on a mouse or keyboard.

To Submit the test

  • On a Windows computer, do not Alt+Tab out of the test.
  • Do not click on the Submit button until you are either done or have run out of time.
  • Click the "Submit" button.  Do not press "Enter" on the keyboard in place of clicking "Submit."
  • Click Submit only once; it may take a few moments to receive confirmation of successful submission.
  • Save the submission report by taking a screenshot or saving/printing the webpage as a PDF. The report is displayed after you have successfully submitted your assessment and can be used as proof of submission (in case of a technical problem).
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