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Total Columns in your Blackboard Grade Center

The Grade Center in a Blackboard course comes with two different total columns, a Total Column and a Weighted Total Column, that can be used to calculate and display total scores or grades. Each one can be set to display a score (by default), a percentage, a letter grade, or complete/incomplete.
By default, both columns will be visible in your view of the Grade Center as well as in your students’ views of My Grades. Each total column can also be repositioned to sit at the right or left of other columns in the ‘Gradebook’ view.
How to create and edit (written instructions)
Which should be used?
The Total Column adds up all the points possible in other columns, while the Weighted Total Column allows you to assign differing percentage weights to an item, such as a term paper, and/or a whole category such as tests.
  • Some instructors use only the Total Column, but assign very different point values to different activities, for example 10 points for each quiz and 600 points for the term paper.  In such a course, the weighting of grades is handled directly through point values.
  • Other instructors prefer to score activities for 100 points possible, but consider 100 points for the final exam to be worth much more overall than 100 points for a weekly quiz; in a course such as this, the weighting feature of the Weighted Total Column is very useful, since the percentage weights you announce in the Grading section of your syllabus can be reflected in Blackboard Grade Center calculations.
  • Some instructors like to use both Columns, for example, displaying in the Total Column all the raw points a student has earned during the course  and using the Weighted Total Column to specify the weighting percentages and display the related letter grade.


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