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Wiki Pages: Using Echo Feeds in Blackboard

***Updated for Fall 2012***

Using Echo Feeds in Blackboard

Getting Started

At the beginning of the semester, instructors wishing to utilize feeds from Echo360 or Echo Personal Capture will work together with their departmental IT staff member to get started. Echo feeds can come from Echo360 appliances in classrooms or from recordings created with Echo Personal Capture software. When establishing the Echo360 feed, IT will discuss various output options for Echoes (each published episode). Once these output options are chosen, all Echoes that are published will be available . Instructors will work with IT staff to determine which output (format) options are most appropriate for their course.

There are 3 basic output options:

  1. Audio only = Podcast (Downloadable)
  2. Audio + display = Vodcast (Downloadable)
  3. Rich Media = All above options can be accessed through a browser window. (Downloadable within Echo)

To learn more about Echo360, visit UK's Wiki Page, or learn about using Echo360 with iTunes U.


Location of Echo360 Feed within Blackboard

The Echo360 or Echo Personal Capture feed is typically connected to a Blackboard course by IT staff at the beginning of the semester. The feed's connection will automatically appear in a folder labeled "Class Capture" within the selected Blackboard course. By default, the Class Capture folder is hidden from student view. Because the folder is hidden from the students, each instructor will need to decide how his or her students will access Echo episodes from the Blackboard course. DO NOT DELETE THE Class Captures FOLDER, OR MOVE LINKS FROM WITHIN THIS FOLDER. When an Echo360 recording is edited the edited version will take the place of the original in Blackboard after the edited version has processed, which can take several hours.

capture folder


The Student's View

By allowing students to access the Class Capture folder within the Content Area, the instructor is able to easily maintain all Echoes. After establishing the output options with their IT representative at the beginning of the semester, the instructor will not need to manage their Echoes within Blackboard. Once the Echoes are published from Echo360 or Echo Personal Capture, students will be able to access the episodes from the Class Capture folder.

*Note* It may take up to 24 hours for an Echo to appear in the Blackboard course. Although it may not always take that long, it is best to consider this time frame when creating materials for the course.

To allow students access to the Class Capture folder:

1.) Confirm Edit Mode is on.

2.) Click the drop-down button for the Class Capture folder menu options.

3.) In the drop-down menu, select "Show Link." Now students will have immediate access to all episodes of the feed, without the instructor needing to create additional links within the course.

show link

Below is a screenshot example of a student's view of the opened Class Capture folder. Note how every separate Echo includes the links for numerous output options. These are the outputs initially chosen by the instructor with IT at the beginning of the semester. Because there are many output links available, students may personally decide how they view the Echoes.

student view

An instructor can also opt to create links to individual Echoes in other locations within the Blackboard course's Content Area. Although this allows for customized organization for all course materials including Echoes, it will require creating links to each episode after they appear in Blackboard.

Reminder: If the Class Capture folder link is not shown to students, they will not be able to access the Echoes until they are linked elsewhere in the course.

To create a course link:

1.) Go to the particular course content area in which the episode will be linked, and click on "Build Content."

2.) From the drop-down menu, select "Course Link", and a new screen will display.

course link

3.) In this new page, choose your echo by selecting "Browse". Browsing will open a new window that displays the locations for the entire course.

4.) In this pop-up window, expand the Course Capture folder (often at the bottom of the window), and select the desired episode.

link video

5.) Be sure to include all required content, and then click "Submit".



This is a basic introduction of Echo feeds within Blackboard. For more detailed information concerning the Echo360 software, visit the UK Echo360 Wiki page.


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