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***Updated Summer 2013***
Adding Videos to Blackboard

Videos can now be added to announcements, discussions, assignments, and anywhere else mashups are available in the content editor.

The video must be first uploaded to the “My Media” area in your Blackboard found on your Blackboard home page in the “Tools” window.

When the HTML editor is open select “Mashups” them choose “Kaltura Media” in the drop down menu.

Navigate through the videos in your “My Media” area until you find the video that needs to be added and select it. Students and instructors will be able to use this new feature.

There are two methods to add videos into your Blackboard courses:
The Easiest

1.  Navigate to a content area where the video needs to be added.

2.  Mouse over the Tools action button at the top of the content page
     and then select Kaltura Media.

3.  Name the media, and click the Add Media button under section 2.

4.  In the new window, browse content from the computer or search the “My Content” section
     for video previously uploaded.

5.  Click Upload and then Submit. The system must convert the video before it can be played.

          a. Videos must be less than 2gig

          b. Video formats can be WMV,FLV,MOV,MP4,AVI,MP3,M4V

6.   A thumbnail of the video will appear. Note: The video cannot be played by the instructor
      unless the Edit Mode is turned OFF.


More Involved

1.  Videos can be uploaded into a personal  My Media area found in the tools sections of the My Bb home page in Blackboard.

2.  Videos can be “sent” from this area into Blackboard courses.

3.  First, in your Blackboard course, create a new Course Tool Link.

4.  In the top left of your course menu select the + icon and select Create Tool Link.

5.  Name the new link, and use the drop-down selection to choose Course Media Gallery. Be sure to check Available to Users to enable students to view content from this link.

The students in the course will be able to add media from the Course Media Gallery. However, the content will not be visible to the students in the course until a primary instructor or teaching assistant has made the videos visible.


To make a student-uploaded video public:

1.  Navigate to the Course Media Gallery

2.  Select the student submitted video that needs to be made public.

3.  Check the Make this item public in gallery, located below the selected video on the right of the page.

4.  Instructors can also obtain an Embed Code in the Course Media Gallery. This code will work on any html web pages.



 To place a video on your course's homepage:

1.  Navigate to the Homepage by clicking on the Home icon, located in the upper left of any course page.

2.  Click Add Course Module in the upper left of the homepage.

3.  Find the module titled Course Media and click Add.

 4.  Navigate to the Course Media Gallery.

 5.  Select the video you want to show on the course homepage and check Add to Gallery Module on course homepage.


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