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Helpful Information: Add Your Picture to your Lync Account

The easiest way to add a picture to your Lync account is to link an existing picture from a social networking site (facebook, Linkedin, etc.)


1.  Login to facebook or Linkedin and navigate to the folder where the picture you want to use is located.  Do NOT use the address at the top of the page because it will not be correct.


2. Make sure that the album is publically available by selecting Everyone, Public or the equivalent on the site you are using.


3. Right-click the picture and then click Properties.


4. In the Properties dialog box, right-click the Address (URL) text box and select the entire address.  Be sure to capture the ENTIRE address because only the first two lines are visible in the text box.  You must select until you see the file extension .jpg at the end of the address!



5. Right-click the selected text, click Copy and then click Ok.


6. In your Lync account box click the blank face area.



to bring up the Picture Options menu.


7.  Click the "Show a picture from a web address" radio button and paste in your copied address, then click the "Connect to Picture button and your photo should then show up as below.



8. That's it!  Click the "OK button and you are done.



Please Note: There are two pitfalls you should be aware of:

1. If you change your profile picture on Linkedin or facebook, it will NOT automatically change here, you will have to go back and select the new profile picture if you want it to show up for Lync.


2. If you delete the profile picture on Linkedin or facebook it will no longer show up on Lync.

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