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How to Remove Live Meeting and Outlook Add-in
With the debut of Microsoft's Lync 2010 update to OCS 2007 R2, several changes took place.  The biggest was that the OCS Live Meeting functionality was rolled directly into the Lync 2010 client which made the old OCS 2007 R2 Live Meeting client obsolete.  However, during the transition from OCS 2007 R2 to Lync 2010, there was a need to hold onto the Live Meeting objects.  One of these was the Live Meeting Outlook add-in that was used for scheduling Live Meetings, which appears under the Live Meeteing Service tab in Outlook.

This functionality is now handled by the new Lync 2010 Outlook Add-in for Online Meetings  and the outdated Live Meeting add-in should be removed as follows...

First, close Outlook to allow for the add-in to be removed.

Next, open Control Panel and, for Windows XP users, open Add/Remove Programs and for Windows Vista/7 users open Programs and Features.  Look through the installed programs to find Microsoft Conferencing Add-in for Microsoft Outlook and click Remove.

Also, unless you still have a need to collaborate with federation partners via the old Live Meeting client, you should go ahead and remove that at this time as well, if it is still installed.

After removing the Live Meeting Conferencing Add-in, restart Outlook and you will notice that the Live Meeting Service tab is gone.