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Wiki Pages: Common ListServ Errors

This page details some of the more common error messages returned to List Owners and List Subscribers alike.  Where possilbe we have included a version of the error message that will be contained as part of the error report.
Below, where you see the keyword LISTNAME, this is referring to the name of the ListServ list that reported the error.  A ListServ's name is defined as being the part of the email address that appears before  For instance, when talking about the special ListMaster ListServ, the email address of the list is, but the ListServ name is just ListMaster.  Note: case does not matter when referring to ListServ email addresses or ListServ List Names, therefore ListMaster, LISTMASTER, and listmaster all refer to the same ListServ List.
Common Owner Error Messages:
Error #1: Subject: LISTNAME: error report from DOMAIN.TLD
The enclosed message, found in the LISTNAME mailbox and shown under the spool ID  ######### in the system  log, has been identified  as a possible delivery  error notice  for the  following reason:  "Sender:", "From:"  or "Reply-To:" field pointing to the list has been found in mail body.
This is caused by the sender's email client not properly quoting a previous posting to the list.  This causes the server to interpret the message as if the list is sending a message through the ListServ list repeatedly.  To avoid a continous posting of the list, the server stops the message and does not allow it to post to the list.  The sender of the message needs to resend the message, making sure to tell their email client to "quote" the original message that they are replying to.  The method for doing this will depnend on the senders email client.  An alternative fix is to have the sender read through the entire message they are attempting to post to the list, looking for a line of text that looks similar to one of the following:

They would then need to either delete this line from the email message, or alter it so that the keywords "From:", "Sender:", or "Reply-To:" were no longer present.  The simplest way to do this is to place a ">" sign immediately before those words.  It is important that there is no space between the ">" and the keyword.
This should allow the user to post the message to the list without having the message blocked by the server.