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Wiki Pages: How to share your Outlook 2007 Calendar

You may want to share your calendar with other Outlook users and give them the option to share theirs with you as well. This is only for Microsoft Outlook 2007 and these instructions will not apply to Outlook Web Access.
To setup this calendar sharing you will first want to bring up the calendar part of Outlook. This can be done by selecting the Calendar button in the Navigation Pane located at the bottom left corner of Outlook.


Once selected the Calendar pane will be visible and in the middle under the My Calendars section you will see a list of options available to you. Click on the one labeled Share My Calendar...



Once you have selected this link a new mail message window will pop up. You will need to fill in an address of who you would like to share the calendar with, a subject line, and a message box below. You will also have the option to request the calendar recipient to share their calendar with you. When you are ready send the message and the recipient will have the option to accept your calendar and view it.


You calendar will now be listed in their Calendar Navigation Pane and can be viewed by being selecting the check box listed next to your calendar.