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Outlook Web Access
Faculty Staff and students can use Outlook Web Access (OWA) to access their mailbox, calendar, tasks and contacts using a web browser. The University of Kentucly web site is at
Problems Logging in
  • You must enter your domain "AD\" or "MC\" in front of your account in the logon box.
  • You cannot log in if your password has expired or your account is locked out. To check for an expired password you can log in the myUK Portal at and verify your account.

Recovering Deleted Items from the "Dumpster"

After you "Empty Deleted Items" from Outlook Web Access, those "emptied" messages go into a waiting area for 10 days before they are permanently purged from our systems. During that 10-day period, you can retrieve messages from the waiting area. Go to the Options screen and scroll down to the bottom to the Recover Deleted Items section. Click on the View Items button, select the messages you wish to un-delete and click on the Recover button. The message will be recovered into your Deleted Items folder. Move the item to the Inbox folder so it does not get deleted again.

Timeout for inactivity in OWA

The default timeout for the "Public or Shared Computer" security setting is 15 minutes. The default timeout for the "Private Computer" setting is 24 hours.

Search Function does not work

When you search your e-mail, you receive the message: "Search results may take a long time to appear because Microsoft Exchange Search is unavailable. Results will not include matches in the e-mail body."

Please contact the Customer Support Center and explain the symptoms. Reference Microsoft article KB945077.

HTTP 500 Internal Server Error
While this could mean that there is a problem with the server, it usually means that the account used to access the Outlook Web Access Server is valid, but does not have an Exchange mailbox.

View another calendar

To access someone's calendar via OWA is as follows:

Launch your web browser, type the following on the URL line at the top of the screen:[smtp-address]/?cmd=contents&f=calendar

Replace the [smtp-address] with the email address of the users calendar account you wish to see (e.g., and press enter. You will be prompted to log directly into your own personal account by typing your Domain\user name and your Password, then click on the Log On button. To locate the smtp-address, use the Address Book.

To open OWA in the calendar weekly view use:

To just see free/busy information, schedule a meeting in OWA and choose to invite attendees to the meeting and the free/busy information for the attendees will be displayed.

View Internet Headers (Message Details)
To view the Internet headers (Message Details) for a message, open the message in a separate window. Click the "Message Details" Icon located next to the printer Icon at the top of the message.
To send the headers to an administrator, open the Message Details, click inside the window containg the headers and then while holding down the Ctrl key press the A and then the C key. This is a shortcut for "Select All" (Ctrl-A) and copy to the clipboard (Ctrl-C).
Then open a new E-mail to the person requesting the headers and click the body of the message. Then, while holding down the Ctrl key, press the V key. This is the shortcut for "Paste" from the clipboard (Ctrl-V).
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