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This document discusses the process for users wishing to update their phone, address, and other contact information in the University of Kentucky Directories.

Estimated Time to Completion

Once you save your changes through the processes outlined below your contact information will be saved immediately to our production Payroll and Student Information systems. However these updates will take between two and three days to appear in the online directory, and may take up to a week to appear in the Global Address List within our Exchange Email system.

Updating your Email Address

Users can update their email address by logging into the UK Account Manager, available at Simply click on the Change University Email Address management option, update your email address, and click Submit Change. If you do not wish to change your email address, but your address is incorrectly being displayed in the Online Directory, clicking the Submit Change button will set your email address to your currently displayed University Email Address.

Faculty & Staff - Updating Work Address and Phone Number

Note: You can look up your Building’s street address using the following tools at the PPD Facilities web site [].

  1. Login to the myUK web site [].
    my UK Login Page
  2. Click on the Employee Self Service tab.
    Employee Self-Service on myUK Nav Bar
  3. Click on the Personal Information Tab.
    Personal Information on Sub NavBar
  4. Select your Work Address from the drop down menu.
    Select Work Address and Click Change
  5. Click the ‘Change’ button to change your work address.
  6. Edit the address information to reflect your current address.
    Edit your Work Address
  7. Click the save button to confirm your changes.
Students - Updating Address and Phone Number

Students that do not wish their directory information to appear in the directory should carefully review the information regarding privacy flags on the Registrar’s FERPA information web site [].

  1. Login to the myUK web site [].
    myUK Login Web Page
  2. If it is not already active, click on the Student Services tab.
    Student Services on myUK Navigation Bar
  3. Click on the myInfo sub tab.
    myInfo on the myUK Navigation Sub Bar
  4. You will be shown fields in which you can provide your current, permanent, and an International address. These fields will be pre-populated with the information currently on file for your student record. You will need to click the edit button available under each address in order edit that address.
    Address List
  5. Once you have clicked the edit button, the selected address will be editable.
    Editing the Address
  6. WATCH OUT! Sometimes the system resets your Country and State/Province, so you want to verify these before you hit ‘save’.
    Watch Out! Sometimes the system resets your Country
  7. Once you have completed making edits hit the save button to confirm your changes.
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Please contact IT Support if you have any questions or problems while following these instructions.  Our contact information and availability are available on the Main Wiki Page.

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