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A copy of the PowerPoint slides used during the November 15, 2010 presentation are being made available for those that could not attend. You can view them using this link.


1.    Am I required to do anything at this time?

NO, you are not required to take any action. However, if it is your desire to install these Adobe products, or upgrades of the products, to your computer, do not purchase the products from commercial vendors. The products are available to all regular full-time and part-time faculty and staff.

2.    When will this software be added to my computer?

Your departmental IT representative will coordinate the installation for your department.  The software will be available to those individuals in departments without IT technical staff on by November 22.

3.    What software products are included in this agreement?

Acrobat 9 Pro WIN/Mac

CS5 Design Premium WIN/MAC

CS5 Web Premium Win/MAC



Photoshop Elements

Adobe Flex Builder 3 (free to educators and students)

Adobe AIR

Adobe ColdFusion 8 (free to educators and students)

Curriculum and Certification Resources


4.    Does CS5 Design Premium include InDesign?

Yes.  The full Suite includes:

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended

Adobe Illustrator CS5

Adobe InDesign CS5

Adobe Flash® Catalyst™ CS5

Adobe Flash Professional CS5

Adobe Dreamweaver® CS5

Adobe Fireworks® CS5

Acrobat 9 Pro


5.    Does this license include Adobe Premier?



6.    Does this license include the upgraded, new product Acrobat X?


Yes, this license will include Acrobat X when it is released, but Acrobat X will not be available immediately.  An additional Acrobat X FAQ for Creative Suites is available  


7.    If I have both a Windows and Mac university owned computer, can I put the software on both?




8.    Where do I receive training on the software?

Online training for all of the Adobe products is available through eT&D, the online resource for technology and software training. eT&D is free and available to all UK faculty, staff, and students. This training may be accessed by visiting the eT&D website ( and signing up for the Computer Professional library.


9.    Where can the products covered by the contract be used?

Eligible UK faculty or staff members may use the products in campus offices, labs, and departments. For business purposes only, this contract also allows UK Faculty and staff to install these products on their home machines. (See Using the Products.)


10.  Are there other places on campus where the software can be used by students?

Yes.  The software will be available in the student computer labs (including college and department computer labs) and public machines in the library.


11.  Can students take the software home for personal use?

No. Students are not included in this contract, and may not participate in the use, copying, or installation of this software, under this agreement.


12.  I'm a student employee of the University of Kentucky. May I participate in the program?

Student employees will be able to use these programs only on University-owned computers.


13.  What kind of help/support is available?

You can get first level support from your departmental technical support staff or the Information Technology Customer Service Center (IT CSC) for the products in the UK Adobe Higher Education Agreement for Faculty and Staff. The IT CSC will answer basic questions about installation. Contact the IT CSC by sending e-mail to, by calling 859-218-HELP, by visiting our office in 111 McVey Hall during business hours. 


Online training for all of the Adobe products is available through eT&D, the online resource for technology and software training. eT&D is free and available to all UK faculty, staff, and students. This training may be accessed by visiting the eT&D website ( and signing up for the Computer Professional library.


14.  I don't know anything about my desktop machine. I just use it to get my job done. Do I need to do something?

No. You don't have to do anything immediately. Your technical support for your department has access to these products. Check the system requirement for the desired software before installation.  Simply follow established procedures in your department for technical support.


15.  What is the first thing I should do before beginning an upgrade?

Find out whether upgrading will bring you immediate work advantages.

                                          i.    Only those who would benefit by moving to the next version should take advantage of this offering.

Evaluate your hardware standards.

                                         ii.    Prior to upgrading, evaluate the minimal acceptable hardware standards to ensure your computer meets the product specification requirements.

Back up your data.

                                        iii.    Make sure to do a complete backup of all data before installing an upgrade. It is a good idea to have more than one copy of this backup. Once done, you can use a copy of the backup to re-install the data back to your machine.

16.  If I have Acrobat 8, what do I need to do to upload Acrobat 9 Pro? Do I need to delete 8 first?

Adobe's technical team recommends an uninstall of existing Acrobat Reader/Pro versions, followed by a reboot of the Windows computer, prior to Acrobat 9 installation.

Rebooting the computer will be required regardless of the software version installed and uninstalled. Mac users will need to delete the Acrobat 9 folder from Applications. 

Additionally Adobe does not recommend or support having both applications (Reader and Pro) installed on the same system.

Additional information is available at

17.  I work at the Medical Center. Who should I contact for help?

Please contact the UKHC ITS Help Desk at 3-8586 or via email

18.  By working with UKIT ITS  you gain the following:

·         Assurance that your hardware meets the minimum standards needed to run the software

·         Assurance that the upgrade is compatible with any patient care software on your computer

·         Assurance that your valuable data will be backed up and protected during the upgrade


19.  If I used an illegal copy of the software prior to the signing of the contract, is my software now considered a legal copy?

No, your software is still considered an illegal copy. To obtain a legal copy of the software, you may download one from UK’s Download server, produce a CD for installation, and then install the new software on your machine. Use of an illegal copy is still “illegal”. Make the installation CD on a different “legal” machine. The difference is that the new software will require a “key” code to install it upon your machine. This “key” is the legal identification the product uses to install it. If you had an illegal copy on your machine, it had a different “key” code, and would not be part of UK’s agreement with Adobe.


20.  I recently purchased some of the listed software.  Will my department get a credit for software we previously purchased?



21.  What are the implications to Faculty and Staff members who leave UK?

Any copies of the software, installed or on Master CD’s, under the agreement are the property of UK and Adobe. Use of this product for non-business related activities, or for use after leaving UK’s employment is not considered part of the agreement contract. Use of the software outside any license is illegal. Illegal software should be removed from your computer before leaving UK.



22.  What happens when Adobe releases new products or new versions?

New releases of the covered products will be made available through your department IT support or the UK Download server (  


23.  What about products not included in this agreement? Can they be added? Or do I have to order and pay for them separately?

Any other Adobe product that is not included in the contract can be purchased via ebuy (


24.  Do I need to upgrade my computer to install these softwares?

If you want advice on whether you should upgrade, faculty and staff should contact their departmental computing support staff or call the IT Customer Service Center at 218-HELP.


25.  Does this mean that the individual departments will not have to pay part of this from their departmental budgets?
Yes and No. President Todd agreed to provide central funding for faculty and staff paid from General Fund, Federal, Mandated, and Grant accounts. Self-supporting units will pay $35.00 for each FTE (full-time equivalent) employee based on The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) report. The Vice President for Information Technology office is preparing the cost information for self-supporting units. That cost information will be provided to the business officers in those units during the week of November 22.



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