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UKIT is pleased to announce that we are making available for Download to Faculty and Staff Windows 7 for use on their work computers.  UKIT is providing this software in response to customer request, but strongly encourages users to check with their departmental support personnel before installing. 

Licensing / Product Key

Windows 7 Enterprise does not require an individual or Volume License Key.  Instead it connects to UK’s Key Management Server in order to verify itself as a legal copy and obtain a license.  It needs to make this connection at least once every 180 days.

This server information is automatically provided to the computer if it is joined to the UK Active Directory.  For users that do not wish to join their Windows 7 Machine to the Active Directory they can follow one of the two configuration options outlined below.

Due to restrictions on the KMS, users must be connected to the UK network in order for the licensing information to be obtained.  Users must be connected to the UK Ethernet network, logged into Wireless as a registered user, or connected to the University Network by a VPN connection

Manually Define the KMS Server

To manually set the KMS server on the Windows 7 Machine follow these steps:

1.       Open an Administrative command prompt.

a.       Locate the Command Prompt in your Start Menu (Under All Programs, Accessories).

b.      Right Click on the icon for the command prompt.

c.       Left click on "Run As Administrator".

d.      Hit the Continue button on the User Access Control dialog.

2.       Type "cscript c:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs /skms".
     * Note: The underscores are part of the host name

3.       Hit Enter to run the command.

4.       Type "cscript c:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs /ato".

5.       Hit Enter to run the command.

6.       Type "cscript c:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs /dli"

7.       Hit Enter to run the command.

NOTE: The commands above were updated to reflect using a forward slash in front of the arguments to the slmgr.vbs file.  While normal hyphens are interchangeable with the forward slash some users reported that when copying the commands from their web browser, that their browser was displaying and copying an em-dash, which is not interpreted as a standard hypen.

Download the UK-SetKMS utility.

To simplify this process UKIT has created a simple utility that when run will prompt the user to allow administrative commands to be run, and will then execute the above commands automatically for the user.  You can download this utility from the UK Download Server by searching for SetKMS. 

Once you have downloaded the utility, make sure you are connected to the UK Network, and then launch the program.  Once it says your product has been successfully activated, you are done.  Just remember to connect your machine to the UK Network at least once every 180 days.

More information about the UK-SetKMS utility is available in the following Wiki article: UK Set KMS Utility.

Work @ Home

Users wishing to use Windows 7 on their home machines may do so, but it is extremely important that they install the VPN client and connect their home machine to the UK network on a regular basis to maintain their licensed status. Information about acquiring and install a VPN client is available on the VPN Wiki Web Site.

Remote Office Locations

Users working from remote offices may wish to check with their local IT administrators before attempting to install Windows 7.  Depending on your network connection back to UK you may not require the VPN client in order to connect to the Licensing server.  Users that connect to UK via an intermediate Internet Service Provider may need to install the VPN client, and make regular connections to the VPN server in order to maintain their licensed state.