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This article refers to the Microsoft Campus Agreement version of the Windows Vista Operating System.

Under the Campus agreement Regular Faculty and Staff may download and use one copy of Windows Vista Enterprise from the UK Download Server for use on their work machine. Students are not eligible to download a copy of Windows Vista Enterprise under the Campus Agreement.  However through our Student Agreements students are eligible to download one copy of Windows Vista Ultimate from

At this time Windows Vista is only recommended for technical support personnel evaluating compatibility issues within a department. Every effort has been made to insure that Vista is compatible with University Wide Applications, or that incompatibilities have been documented on this page. If you have located an incompatibility that is not documented here, or have updated information regarding an incompatibility that is listed here, please contact the IT Support Center to report the issue.

Obtaining Windows Vista

Windows Vista is being made available via the UK Download server to Regular University Faculty and Staff. You will need to login, wait for the eacademy logo to appear in the top right hand section of the screen, then click on the "Windows XP, Windows Vista" for the Operating System, and then click on the "Operating Systems Category".

Alternatively you could just search for the term "Vista" without the quotes, but as software is added this will return more results than just the operating systems.

Vista Enterprise is available in 32-Bit and 64-Bit versions. Please consult your hardware specifications to determine the correct version to use.

Burning Vista to DVD

To install Windows Vista you will need to burn the ISO image to a blank 4.7b (or greater) DVD disc. Please consult your DVD burning software for instructions specific to your application.

Product Keys

Product keys will not be provided for this product. Once machines have been connected to our network and joined to the Active Directory the system they will be able to contact our Key Management Server for the purposes of Activation. Machines must be able to contact our key management server at least once every six months in order to renew their activation.  In order to contact the KMS server your machine must be on the UK network, either physically or using a VPN connection.

If Windows is unable to connect to the Key Management Server at least once every six months it will give you an additional 30 day grace period to resolve the connection issue. After the 30 day grace period has expire, Windows Vista will revert to a reduced functionality mode.

For machines that are not going to be members of the University's Active Directory, you will need to manually supply the system with the Key Management Server information. Please note you will still be required to use a VPN client to establish a connection to the UK Network in order to connect to the Key Management Server.

  1. Open an Administrative command prompt.
    1. Locate the Command Prompt in your Start Menu (Under All Programs, Accessories).
    2. Right Click on the icon for the command prompt.
    3. Left click on "Run As Administrator"
    4. Hit the Continue button on the User Access Control dialog.
  2. Run "cscript c:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs /skms".
    • Note: The underscores are part of the host name.
  3. Run the command: "cscript c:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs /ato"
  4. Run the command: "cscript c:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs /dli"
Vista Hardware Requirements

The hardware requirements for Windows Vista are outlined on the Microsoft web site.

Known Issues

The following products are known to have issues with Windows Vista, but may have work around listed below:

  • Cisco VPN - There is not a 64-Bit version of the VPN client, only a 32-Bit version.
  • Novel Client
  • iPass
  • Netmotion VPN client
  • Pinnacle
  • Brio
  • SUS Policies
  • Dreamweaver 8.02 - seems to close unexpectedly
  • SmartLine Utility Inc - Active Ports
  • VNC Clients will be detected by Windows Defender
  • Respondus (work around available)
Known Work Arounds

Below are some work arounds for products that have issues, but seem to work in preliminary testing.


Download the client from the UK Download Server, and install the Respondus application, but do not launch the application. The first time you wish to launch the application you will need to Right Click on the application and select "Run As Administrator" from the context menu. This will allow the Respondus application to registering the remaining files. Subsequent launches of the application can be performed normally.

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